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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

People With Disabilities

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 1 in 5 of us has a physical or mental disability and 1 in 3 Americans has a close friend or family member with a disability. Workforce Solutions provides resources to support individuals with disabilities in finding and retaining employment.  Student Hireability Navigator Plan

All three Workforce Solutions Texoma Centers are accessible to people with disabilities.  Listed below are some of the resources available.

Asking for Help

If you have a disability and require a special service or accommodation, let the Workforce Center Staff know.  This is your choice and your right. Disclosing the nature of your disability can have benefits, such as qualifying for training.

Accessibility Aids Available at Workforce Solutions Texoma Centers

Unless otherwise noted, all centers have the following accessibility aids available to assist with Job Search related activities:

  • Accessible computer workstations
  • Aladdin Jeanie Pro Magnifiers, to help individuals with low vision
  • Tape recorders for use in group orientations
  • Pocket Talkers (voice amplification) for customers with hearing impairments
  • The Microsoft Ease of Access Center which includes Magnifier, Narrator, On-Screen Keyboard and High Contrast options
  • TTY telephones to assist job seekers who have hearing impairments
  • The Relay Texas system to assist deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired job seekers
  • A Braille printer is available at the Denison center

Texas Workforce Commission- Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWS-VRS)

Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services –  provides services for people with disabilities to help them prepare for, obtain, retain or advance in employment.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling (000) 000-0000.

Other Resources for Jobseekers with Disabilities

  • Disability Rights Texas is the legal protection and advocacy agency to help Texans with disabilities understand and exercise their rights under the law.
  • The Texas Medicaid Buy-In Program offers health insurance coverage to employed people with disabilities. To find out the eligibility criteria and learn more at
  • The ABCs of SCHEDULE A for Applicants with Disabilities Tips for getting Federal Jobs
  • JobTIPS is a free program designed to help individuals with disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder explore career interests, seek and obtain employment, and successfully maintain employment.
  • The Ticket to Work Program is for Social Security Beneficiaries receiving SSI or SSDI who are interested in going to work.
  • is a federal website that contains disability-related resources on programs, services, laws and regulations to help people with disabilities lead full, independent lives.
  • Easter Seals a website with resources to assist individuals with disabilities.


If you have a physical, mental, or cognitive impairment or disability that makes employment hard for you, you may be eligible for services to help you prepare for, obtain, maintain or advance in employment. Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services assists individuals with any disability in partnership with Workforce Solutions Permian Basin.

If you are an employer seeking to hire qualified candidates with disabilities, we also encourage you to ask for a Vocational Rehabilitation Business Relations Coordinator in your area to help with candidate referrals, accommodation, or technical assistance related to hiring individuals with disabilities.

Information on continuation during pandemic of Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services to individuals with disabilities:

  • Individuals needing employment assistance, including those with disabilities, can be directed to their nearest Workforce Solutions office, whose employment specialists will coordinate referrals or services with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) staff.
  • You may also reach out to VR directly for assistance, and may use the directory found here to find the office closest to them. An email address is also available for customers who would like assistance connecting to the right office:
  • VR serves individuals with disabilities, including those who are blind, deaf or hearing impaired, who need VR services to obtain or retain employment.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, VR staff are available remotely to assist customers. Here is a one page message to customers on this. A Message to Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services Customers

Don’t forget that Texas HireAbility can and should be incorporated into messaging.

Texas HireAbility Talking Points

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has brought heightened awareness around:
    • The importance of supportive employers and colleagues; and reinforced our ability to adapt – something persons with disabilities do every day.
    • The global nature of the emergency highlights the ways we depend on one another – a very important strength and consideration when building a workforce.
    • The pandemic’s effect on so many people across the globe made us see how a disabling condition can happen to any one of us and therefore how important it is to keep great employees because of their contributions and abilities, not their disability.
  • Encouraging businesses to rebuild with intention. As businesses come back online, VR can help with that rebuilding with the creation of inclusive teams and how we need to think about work differently.
  • Working with employees with disabilities to implement the reasonable adjustments they need in order to thrive in the workplace would help to ensure companies remain economically active in times of great stress and change, like the present, while simultaneously bringing more talent and diversity of thought into the workplace. These are proven key drivers of innovation and progress across industries.
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